Would you need transportation on a spot or recurring basis, but related financial investment and various inconveniences are stopping you.

Bailly-Courouble Transports have the solution offering you a rental with driver contract by day, week, month or year.

Definitely a turnkey service.

Transports Bailly-Courouble’s strengths

  • Conditionnement des produits chez Bailly-Courouble
  • Entrepots adaptés au stockage du bois - Transports Bailly Courouble Nord
  • Suivi du stock en temps réel - Logistique et Stockage Bailly Courouble
  • Des espaces de stockage triés par activités - Logistique et Stockage Bailly Courouble Houplines

Why choose Bailly-Courouble ?

  • A pre-defined and respected budget
  • Guarantee of having all your means of transport available at all times
  • Adaptability to your business fluctuations
  • No constraints linked to drivers and equipment management
  • Control over your distribution or collection logistics

We offer you

  • Rental of vehicles with driver
  • Transfer of your employees' working contracts
  • Fleet Management
  • Peak Management
  • Audit of your transportation plan
  • Vehicles with your company branding