• Bailly Courouble, transporteur camion avec chariots embarqués, nord france et belgique
  • Transports Bailly Courouble, convois exceptionnels, grands formats
  • TLBC, transport sur plateau grue avec remorque

Bailly-Courouble transports can answer any specific need, provide you with customized transport solutions, manage exceptional convoys….

Wouldn’t you have the proper loading or unloading tools, we have a solution for you.

We provide you with turnkey solutions. Bailly-Courouble Transports combine performance and peace of mind for your special transports.

Bailly-Courouble Transports’ strengths

  • Experienced drivers trained to the specific characteristics of flat-bed trailers and on-board cranes
  • Technicians in charge of authorization requests, management of delays, lifting operations constraints
  • Specialized operators providing relevant answers to your requests
  • Expertise within exceptional transport
  • Tools for loads up to 5 meters wide, 30 meters long and 4 meters high
  • Delivery as close as possible to the place of installation (subject to accessibility constraints)

Tools available to you

  • Transports Bailly Courouble, 19 tracteurs-grue à votre service pour vos marchandises lourdes
    Vehicles equipped with crane arms: 28 to 42 T/m capacity
  • Trucks with crane arm and trailer (max lift 3.5T)
  • Flat-bed semi-trailers
  • Extendable trailers