Bailly-Courouble Transports are specialized in unusual, heavy or bulky products logistics.

We are able to assist you on all or part of your Supply Chain whatever the sales funnel you are using (e-commerce, multi-channel, multi-brand ...)

Our warehouse is located in the heart of a more than 100 million potential consumers’ area, along the highway, in the Lille metropolis, close to Dunkirk, Calais & Boulogne-sur-Mer ports, Belgium and less than 2 hours away from Antwerp international sea port.

We are you partner, from time of collection to delivery through handling, order preparation and storage.

Bailly-Courouble Transports’ tools

1. Strategic Location

Bailly Courouble Transports are located nearby the largest sea ports in Northern Europe

2. Equipped warehouses

A 10.000 square meters’ warehouse with sprinkler systems, racks, well-insulated and secured as well as a 5.000 square meters ventilated space dedicated to wood storage

3. High-Tech equipment

A dedicated IT team to guaranty improved flexibility, responsiveness and productivity

Bailly-Courouble Transports’ strengths

For the last 20 years adaptability and innovation have been the key strategy which led Bailly-Courouble Transports to be recognized as the Logistics partner for unusual and exceptional heavy / bulky products.

You work in the Building trade, in Distribution or e-Commerce sectors and you need performing and reliable logistics and storage services for your after sales business ? Bailly-Courouble Transports are the solution you are looking for as nothing is impossible to them

  • Conditionnement des produits chez Bailly-Courouble
  • Entrepots adaptés au stockage du bois - Transports Bailly Courouble Nord
  • Suivi du stock en temps réel - Logistique et Stockage Bailly Courouble
  • Des espaces de stockage triés par activités - Logistique et Stockage Bailly Courouble Houplines

Why choose Bailly-Courouble Transports?

  • Real-time inventory status
  • Appropriate pricing based on your activity
  • Packaging tips
  • Preparing and shipping your products whatever their size might be
  • Storage capabilities based on your products constraints
  • Quantitative and compliance audits
  • Reverse logistics (returns management)