• Philippe Bailly - Directeur Général des Transports Bailly-Courouble
  • Les transports Bailly Courouble, Nord, Lille, Dunkerque

Our history

With 58 years of combined experience, Bailly-Courouble Transports were created from a combination of several family businesses. They established the Company in HOUPLINES (Nord-Pas-De-Calais) in the dynamic Lille Metropolis area near the Belgian border, also benefitting from their proximity to Dunkirk sea port which is less than one hour away.

With a staff of over 200 employees, Bailly-Courouble Transports offer a wide range of services in the distribution sector: regional, medium and long distance transportation in France and Belgium, chartering, vehicle rental with driver, specialized transport and flat-bed trailers, logistics, storage and home delivery.

With Bailly-Courouble Transports, nothing is impossible: just ask and we'll make it happen!

  • Bailly Courouble - La flotte Bailly-Courouble -Tracteurs
    Tractors units
  • Transports Bailly Courouble, des tracteurs-grue à votre service pour vos marchandises lourdes
    Tractor units with cran arm
  • Transports Porteurs grue avec remorque
    Trucks with crane arm and trailer
  • Bailly-Courouble Porteurs et remorques bachées
    Trucks with Tautliner trailers
  • Porteurs avec remorques bachées et chariots embarqués
    Trucks with Tautliner trailers and on board forklift
  • Transports bailly Courouble - Semi remorques
    Flat-bed semi-trailers
  • Semi-Remorques extensibles, transport facile
    Extendable semi-trailer
  • Semi-remorques bâchées, transport hors normes
  • Semi-remorques bâchées et chariot embarqué
    Tautliners with on board forklift

Our commitments

This combination of businesses provides an experienced team, sharing a common vision and dedicated to delivering quality.

Our strengths: Customer focused, flexible, creative and respectful of the environment (ADEME certification – Objective: CO2).

As a road transportation provider, we can offer you tailor-made solutions, for example: moving floor semi-trailers, on-board forklifts... Our vehicles are also equipped with a geo-location software allowing easy and secure tracking.

A challenge to be met

Bailly-Courouble Transports will accompany you.